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Tips to nail your photoshoot

I know it can seem a bit daunting having your picture taken.  Whether you're children(or husband) will behave. No idea what to wear or what location to choose. It doesn't have to be stressful, Im here to help.

Here are some hot tips to help the shoot run a little more smoothly. YOU GOT THIS!

“Time moves so FAST – we blink and our kids grow up. Don’t let these sweet memories go by without documentation. These times when our babies are small, and we can tickle them, throw them up over our heads for a giggle, give them butterfly kisses or just snuggle them close. These moments are fleeting, and unfortunately our memories will not hold every little detail.

Time to lock in those beautiful memories to treasure for a lifetime.


What to wear

Start by determining what mum will wear first. Mum sets the mood/tone for the entire shoot, so it’s important for mom to choose something she loves and feels comfortable and confident in. Style everyone else around her. When picking out outfits for family photos, lay ALL the pieces out together so you can see how it all looks and coordinates. Try to stick to a colour scheme neutral tones, textures & tiny pops of colour thrown in. Avoid anything with a logo or bold graphic. Layers and accessories help add depth and interest to outfits. An easy way to add interest and layers are with vests, jewelry, hats, tights, cardigans/jackets. Mix up different textures, prints, and coordinating colors. 

I have saved some gorgeous Pinterest colour palettes below that may also help you out.

Make sure everyone’s clothing fits well and is comfortable. There’s nothing worse than a toddler or child wearing an itchy dress or clothes that are too tight. You may be able to make it through an hour-long session with shoes that hurt your feet, but your kids won’t last. Also, consider the weather when choosing an outfit for your kids. Dressing them in a cute sleeveless dress on a cold wintery day will bring lots of tears. Set them up for success by dressing them appropriately for the temperature, activity, and location.


The day before your session, get everyone’s wardrobe looks and bags packed. This will ensure the day of the session is stress-free! If you have littles, don’t forget to pack tissues, wipes, and extra diapers. Bring a treat for the kiddos to enjoy at the end of the photoshoot. You can remind them throughout the session what their prize will be when you’re finished! During your session, just remember to smile, smile, smile! Even if the kiddos are being uncooperative, keep smiling; your photographer will thank you for it


“Candid moments between families are my favorite! Let your kids be kids – the real life is beautiful.

Kiss, cuddle, play, run, tickle, swing, laugh & love. If you want Candid photos this is how to get them.

I will set you up for the shot but those moments are up to you.

Love on those babies as much as they can! Those will be the memories you will want to keep forever!”

Here are a few colour palette samples Ive found on Pinterest. There are plenty more if you don't see something below that suits. But you get the general idea of colours, textures ect.
I also say to clients, if you will be printing your images & hanging on your walls. Think about your decor, will the tones suit. Also its super okay to ask my advice, send some ideas through Im happy to help.
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